Preparing to sell your home!

We all know how important it is to properly prepare your home to get it ready to sell. And we’ve all heard the famous words of advice such as deep clean, declutter, depersonalizing your space, fresh paint, consider staging, tend to those long overdue repairs, enhance curb appeal, and the list goes on. While this is all very sound advice, the most important thing you need to do is establish a relationship with a Realtor® who you trust and are confident with. While properly preparing your home plays a huge part in the selling process, properly preparing yourself is just as vital. There are many key factors to consider:


  1. Number one … a good Realtor®!!! A good Realtor® will provide you with a free Competitive Market Analysis and together you will decide on a fair market value and listing price for your property that will properly position your property on the market. Remember, the current market ultimately determines market value.
  2. Be aware of the status of your current mortgage, i.e., maturity date, potential penalty, mortgage payout, portability, current interest rates for renewal, etc.
  3. Know what is expected of you as the ‘seller.’ For instance, did you know that if a property is not on a municipal water system, there is a specific clause in a purchase and sale agreement pertaining to a water test; and, it is the seller’s responsibility to hire and pay a third-party independent service to collect a water sample and deliver it for testing?
  4. Know the full cost of selling. There are many costs involved in selling a property such as home preparations and improvements, a water test, legal fees, real estate commission, unexpected issues detected in a home inspection, uninsurable fuel tank, unpaid property taxes, etc.
  5. Are you prepared if your home sells very quickly?
  6. Where will you live when your house sells?
  7. Know the cost of replacing your home.


Your Island Homes PEI team can provide you with the guidance and resources you need to properly prepare you, and your home, for the real estate market.


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